Check Your Child’s Development with a Trip to Our Pediatrics Office

In our pediatrics office, we treat patients from the moment they are born through college. This allows us the opportunity to provide young people with continuity of care, identify if they are struggling with any health challenges, treat those challenges … Continued

Recognizing the Signs of Children’s Allergies

We treat children’s allergies in our office. A lot of children suffer from undiagnosed allergies. They can be responsible for a large variety of health problems. If left undiagnosed, the child may continue to live with poor health, unnecessarily. This … Continued

5 Things You Should Know About ADHD

Around 3 million people are diagnosed with ADHD on annual basis. This is a condition that makes it hard for people to pay attention, remain calm and refrain from acting impulsively. Since it makes it difficult to essentially focus and … Continued

What is Internal Medicine and How Can It Help Me?

Internal medicine deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases or conditions that impact adults. As a provider of internal medicine, we do not treat children in our clinic but instead, focus on adults as they move through life … Continued

Primary Health Care Can be Used to Diagnose Your Health Problems

We encourage you to visit our clinic for primary health care if you have an undiagnosed health condition. Many people live with health problems feeling that they could be living a better life if they were not constantly struggling with … Continued

We Visit Assisted Living Homes and Provide Medical Care

We provide medical care for those living in an assisted living facility. Assisted living is an excellent way for seniors to maintain some level of independence while also getting the care and supervision necessary to remain in good health.It can … Continued

Our Primary Care Services Make Continuity of Care Possible

As someone offering primary care, we are front and center when it comes to keeping our patients healthy and helping them to recover from illness.Everyone should have a primary care physician. This is important for the person’s overall health and … Continued

Well Child Exams Can Prevent and Detect Problems

It is important to bring your children in for well-child exams on an annual basis. As a physician, we see children for regular checkups to ensure if they are in good health, growing appropriately, and to catch any health problems … Continued

Stay Healthy by Visiting Our Health Clinic This Fall

This is the right time of year to visit our health clinic. In the fall, people go from having a more relaxed summer schedule to one that is very busy and harried. This can lead to less sleep and more … Continued

Retirement Home Care from a Physician

We provide retirement home care for those living in a retirement situation or receiving care from a licensed caregiver. It is important for the elderly to see a physician on a regular basis. The annual physical may need to be … Continued